Want to Make Better Hiring Decisions?

Want to Make Better Hiring Decisions? More than ever, it’s crucial that organizations hire the right employees the first time. The costs of replacing bad hires can have lasting effects on an organization’s success.

In Hiring Made Easy as PIE, authorAlonzo Johnson, Ph.D., explains each step of the hiring process and outlines a robust and research-validated but simple method based on 30 years’ professional experience and extensive research in the field

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Get The Companion Interview Job Aid

Hiring Made Easy as PIE will live up to its title’s promise and explain everything in plain English—but you can’t as easily bring the book to an interview. The Companion Job Aidsolves that problem.

The book’s key principles and guidelines have been reproduced in condensed, simplified form for your easy reference. This professionally-finished folding card features a sliding, double-sided reference on interview questions and is wrapped nicely in the book’s guiding teachings.

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Pick up a Companion Job Aid with your copy of Hiring Made Easy as PIE today! (And remember that we sell both the book and the Job Aid in bulk quantities!)


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